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HBOS conspired in government-organised ponzi fraud

February 16, 2009

We are a group of creditors seeking pro bono assistance on a Public direct access basis who have been caught up in a government-organised ponzi fraud, hosted by HBOS,

We are seeking restitution in the ‘Vavasseur/EML’ fraud, where there are proven links that this was a government-organised ponzi scheme, like a “mini-Madoff”. It is no coincidence that there are ‘awake’ Congressmen in the USA who are simultaneously ‘grilling’ the SEC over their clear complicit criminality in the Madoff ponzi fraud.

The American-originated ‘Vavasseur/Eryl Management Ltd’ Fraud involved a wheel of corruption at the level of the UK and US governments, with HBOS and the FSA & SEC involved, steered by James Crosby and Gordon Brown and backed by the Banking Cartel and Lord Rothschild. We are seeking help on a Public direct access basis because we have been cut off from our own country’s system of “Justice”, through the very System itself. We are seeking restitution and peace of mind outside of what the corrupt System in place, can offer us.

I have written full evidence of the ‘effects’ of HBOS’ reckless lending which resulted in scores of people losing their homes, pensions, life savings, kids education funds – and even worse, I have evidence to show that HBOS were heavily colluding in a government-run ponzi scheme, similar to a ‘mini-Madoff’ fraud. I also have a signed off QC’s Opinion, and at least 70 witnesses who have been caught up in this scam who are members of ‘ONE VOICE’ action group, along with access to a further 300 victims in this same HBOS-hosted Fraud. I fully support everything Mr. Moore is saying, and I hope that his stance for the Truth will pay off hugely, and for a major overturning of the wheel of corruption within our government to be laid bare.

I have today written to thank Mr. Moore for his unselfed stand that he is taking for the Public interest, which is enormously valuable to us all. Please do not hesitate to be in contact for further information. I have been asked to do an interview of Channel 4 news in the near future, once the Investigative journalist who I am working with, returns from his skiing holiday on 24th Feb (Ian Fraser). Details in the report written below.


Please see the comprehensive report below, which is a channelled work, from a much higher Dimension than the current ‘Justice” system in the Western world, can comprehend, and which waits on ‘welcome’ and a global ‘awakening’ to the Common Man. This material concerns us all, and offers a global solution to us all. At the end of this piece is a summary of the fraud from a leading investigative journalist, contained within two of the latest newsletter reports from ‘ONE VOICE’ action group.

I foresaw the demise of James Crosby, and indeed, wrote to the Shadow Chancellor recommending he was immediately investigated on 22 December, which was witnessed by hundreds of people. Gordon Brown is next. The FSA after that. The Truth is doing Her work. I hope you can therefore take the time to read this lengthy explanation (and apologise for its length, but it will be worth perusing, I promise you) of why we urgently all need to awaken, and empower Divine Justice and Truth to do Her work, by making the ‘darkness’ in human consciousness, conscious, and ‘healing the Cause’, not tinkering in the ‘effects’ of the global problem. It is a quest in the minds and thoughts of every living being on this Planet. A “One World government” will not work without Divine Justice being honoured.

Kind regards,
Liz Watson
Founder – ONE VOICE action group
tel: 01202 517317


ONE VOICE newsletter No.33 of 14 February 2009

Why is no one asking: What lays beneath the Globalised “Meltdown” ?

It’s time to speak the Truth. The “Meltdown” is directly caused by Government corruption, bowing down to the Banking Cartel. Nothing else. Not by “Global economic recession or depression” as they would have you believe. We’ve all been duped. How do I know this ? Because it is Cause vs. effect. The Banking Cartel are living in their ‘Cause’ which is a corrupt and unworkable paradigm, issuing money as “debt” and out of ‘thin air’. In other words, little more than a lie. A dishonest, unworkable and tyrannical Monetary System that would hail itself as the centre of the Universe. It is a force for enslavement – of People the world over, governments, religious leaders, politicians, even humanitarians. It is behind all war machines, tyranny, pretence of “terrorism” (invented by these same despots), boom and bust cycles, to further and keep alive, their ‘Cause’.

You cannot ‘bail out’ the Banking System, because it is based on ‘debt’ – so how can ‘debt’ bail out ‘debt’ ? It can not. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE MINDSET THAT CREATED THIS ‘DEBT’.

With every adversity, comes and equal and greater, opportunity. It’s time to seize that opportunity, by addressing ‘grass roots’ of our Global problem.

This ‘Cause’ that we are being urged to face, and heal, is 100% self-destructive, and has reached its critical mass so is now having to self-destruct. What else can it do ? Yet the world governments are tending to be living in, and making decisions from, the ‘effect’, instead, when they owe it to the People to be addressing the ‘Cause’. Bail out after bail out, yet no credit or money supply being given to the Economy or businesses. What else can the Economy do except recede, when its’ money supply is cut off ? It stands to reason. It isn’t rocket science. Why aren’t we healing the ‘Cause’, instead of fighting and living in, the ‘effects’ ? Is it because we fear for our lives ? Take a look at patterns in history, when anyone who crossed this unworkable Monetary System of the Banking Cartel, were assasinated, deposed or suppressed – because they tried to tackle it on their own, namely world Presidents like Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Kennedy. Yet the power of any pyramidal system, is in the base, not at the top.


Fast forward to February 2009. We are at the end of an Era. The whole world is screaming this out to us, to awaken. The current unworkable Monetary System has now “had its day”. With all of what we term “money” being issued as “debt”, it only comes into being when a debt is issued. These debts are issued against real assets, but unfortunately the fraudulent System relies upon leverage, and lots of it. This is because there are not enough assets already created or in ‘being’, to match the money being issued. This is why the issuance of money (credit) relies increasingly on more and more leveraging. Those issuing these ‘debts’ (called “Money”) are the Banking Cartel, who invented this crazy self-serving System. This is because they take huge profit from the issuance (which is of course ‘usury’), upwards of 50 times the true cost to them (namely, the printing cost or Bond issuance cost). The Banking tyrants have set up an ingenious infrastructure, to preserve their unworkable paradigm and advance their Agenda to create a “one world government”, their ‘government’ which denies every man his natural birthright – namely, that of self-government, liberty and peace of mind: all of these blocked by these outer influences, denying the inner power of the Common Man. The Cartel are using a true hierarchy, involving 4 world ‘super states’ (European union, North American Union, African Union and Asian Union), suppressing information and controlling the global “Economy”. Yet stifling the natural Economy, killing of the natural laws of ‘competition’ which help businesses to grow and thrive, dictating to the People what they can and cannot do, even what they can and can not think.

Watch this:
Zeitgeist: Addendum

123 min – 3 Oct 2008 –

Zeitgeist: Addendum, by Peter Joseph 2008 … peter … –


This Corrupt Monetary System gives money to the Cartel who control the issuance of “money”. For this reason alone, we have “interest rates”, to pay back the “debt” to those issuing the “money”, via the “IMF” (International Monetary Fund) and their counterparts at Bank of England. This is why the Bank of England was privatised within 50 years of this corrupt System being set up, in 1913 (the birth of a private company known as the Federal Reserve, which is no more ‘Federal’ than Federal Express). It had its roots in the Bank of England, from George Third, who was loaned money by Lord Rothschild. This privatisation of the Bank of England to Rothschild and the ‘Banking Cartel’ involved skulduggery, and concealment, because it created a ‘loop’ so that the System’s continuance could be secured, where all control and corrupt power of the World’s money supply was comandeered through a hierarchial and ‘structured’ system. This System of Usury is paid for by the People and the taxpayers of the ‘member countries’ to the issuing Body, namely the IMF. This, in turn, has created a huge squeeze on the citizens of the IMF member countries, paying for more and more “debt” (which is in truth, really the “profit” to these Global Elite Banking Cartel and their Committee of 300, for issuing money out of nothing). In the same way that we are all astonished how the Fat Cat bankers can be paying themselves huge bonuses for huge failures, it is the identical paradigm of the tyrranical Money Masters: they are doing exactly the same, namely paying themselves ever bigger amounts for a hugely failing System. As we all suffer unnecessarily, more and more, keeping the ‘lie’ alive for these tyrants, Why is no one saying it “how it is” ? We are living in the ‘effect’ of this, and everyone is ignoring the ‘Cause’. Instead of arguing, mindlessly, about meaningless ‘bonuses’ (further feeding the “us and them” mentality), we need to be addressing how to reform the entire System.


“It would be insufficient to sum up the (Rothschild) family as still very wealthy. ..(their fortunes are as) ineffable as always….today the family grooms the inaudibility and invisibility of its presence as a result, some believe that little is left apart from a great legend — and the Rothschilds are quite content to let legend be their public relations.” (The Rothschilds, Frederick Morton, 1962)

So just what IS the Cause ?
The bottom line is that the Banking Cartel (and there is only ONE in our world), have set things up so that the governments are there at their ‘beck and call’, namely at their behest, and not the other way round, which is how any true or honest Democracy would work.

With Lord Rothschild individually reputed to be “worth” over £125 TRILLION, who can overthrow him unless we all expose him, together ? And say “game over” ? It is like a mass hypnotism, because almost everyone has fallen asleep, and given their power away to this illusion, or at least, labouring under this illusion. Yet, think about it: if “money” is debt, then Rothschild et al are the Source of all debt: that is right, the ‘god’ of Debt. He and his cohorts “own” most of the assets in the world, through their Banking Cartel (3% of the world population owning 97% of its ‘assets’), but only in their delusion, for as long as we keep prolonging the illusion they have set up for us all to be enslaved to. The Banking Cartel are the single biggest “block to Love’s Presence” and it is my intention to ‘make a difference’ here. It is because of the paradigm of the Banking Cartel, in this invidious way, that any idea of “democracy” is left in tatters, dwelling only in the realms of illusion, fantasy, and delusion. We’ve been lied to, on a huge scale. We need to ‘heal the Cause’. This is the reason the Bankers are able to create ‘boom or bust’ cycles and to pay so many hundreds of billions in “bail outs” – because they are bailing out their illusions, and prolonging them ! the “money” does not exist ! It is debt bailing out debt. So what do they get ? Answer: more debt. Or rather, what do WE get ? More debt, and the ‘true price’ of that debt, is increasing unemployment, homelessness, stifling of entrpreneurs and killing off ‘free trade’, stifling of individual expression and everything merged into ‘Globalism’ and the horrific “New World Order” – which is no ‘order’ at all. Correct. Isn’t it time for change ?
See this sobering excerpt from a Rothschild meeting with Warren Buffet and the Governer of California: “Within hours of September 11 2001, President Bush apparently made two irrevocable decisions. America was at war, and the war ‘was not just against the authors of September 11, but against all those who air or support acts of this kind.’ The war against terror, would therefore, ‘get bigger and bigger all the time.’

“After dealing with Iraq, the pressure for ‘regime change’ would shift to Iran, then Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Pakistan. Most Middle Eastern countries, we were told, were not really ‘nations’. They were personal fiefdoms. Iraq should really be called ‘Saddam-land’, Syria ‘asad-land’ — and the name Saudi Arabia speaks for itself. Thus military action to remove Saddam will really be a war on Iraq, not against it. The White House seemed confident that Iraqis would see things this way and would welcome U.S. soldiers, if not American bombs.

“As if an ever expanding war were not bad enough, the economic outlook presented to the gathered plutocrats, was even grimmer since it was not overlaid with the blustering confidence of the Washington war party. In contrast to the geopolitical experts, who all seemed intoxicated by the omnipotence of the U.S.military machine, the economic experts — including James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, Paul Volcker the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and, of course Buffet himself — all emphasized the impotence of monetary and fiscal policy after the collapse of one of the great speculative bubbles of all time.”


The Rothschild’s are shareholders in the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Bank of Australia and New Zealand, and who knows what else, shareholders of the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, and the IMF, bankrupted all countries, government and monarchies, therefore they are probably sitting near the top of the pyramid of power with pieces of paper that say they hold the planet in trust for SATAN, or the ‘whoever’ is pulling all the strings. ‘Satan’ was once an angel too, and became a ‘fallen angel’ because he wanted to take over the Kingdom, and when faced with the Light, he self-destructed.


I recognise that I am here to contribute and make a difference in the world. The higher I lift my sights, the more I see. I have been seeing the bigger picture for at least 9 months now, in increasing measure. It is helpful to be seeing the whole and wider, view. I’ve also discovered that I have a gift of ‘prophecy’, where I often see events before they come about, or before they happen. For example, I knew James Crosby ex CEO of Halifax Bank of Scotland, was going to be exposed, about 6 weeks before it happened. I was guided to write to the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborn, before Christmas 2008, raising the issue that Crosby was mis-using his influence and “power” in the UK Government and Financial Regulatory Body, and by 10 February 2009, Crosby had resigned from his role as Deputy Chairman of the FSA and was under scrutiny along with his many cronies. I am writing this on Valentine’s Day in 2009: Shortly the truth will emerge about the widespread fraud that HBOS has engaged in over the past 8 years in particular, and moreover, I can ‘see’ that Gordon Brown Prime Minister in UK is due to be ousted, maybe even impeached, because he has been running a corrupt ‘wheel’ inside the UK government since he came into power 10 years ago.

Playing ‘small’ doesn’t serve us or our Higher Purpose. We are here to “be the best we can be”. But very few people “embrace life”, because they have ‘sold out’ to their fears or passions or self-limiting beliefs: they are stuck in survival, but dream of becoming a ‘realised Being’ without putting in to place the Mindset that will take them there. They leave it to others to consciously create the change that they want to see, thinking “oh I’ll let someone else do it”. Yet, we must be the change that we want to see in the world (Nelson Mandela famously quoted this, too). Because we all make up the Collective, and the Collective Consciousness creates the ‘outpicturing’ that we call “reality” and “Life” and what we see all around us, happening. As the Collective changes, so does the outpicturing. As we take individual responsibility and become ‘realised Beings’, so too does the Collective picture change and improve. It is up to us, each and every one of us. And so, with this dichotomy, the great leveller is ‘love’ and here it is that we all can ‘meet’ up, on a heart and soul level. It is love that brings through the changes.

It is time to usher in the Age of Aquarius, the water carrier. The Piscean Age has come to an end. The old paradigm of materialism and secrecy, ‘each man for himself’ is no longer working. That is why we are having an enormous “overturning” in our Global economy, with the Financial Arena in disarray. It is ‘written’ in the Holy Book of Books. This is because the Collective Consciousness is radically changing: it is waking up, to self-realisation. It wants to elevate and transcend the limitations of a finite and enslaving System where “money” determines everything from our ‘worth’, to the home we live in, to the status we hold, to the vacations we can have, to the education we have or offer our kids, and to the people we mix with. It is an illusion, built on an illusion. This bubble of illusion has grown so big, that it has now burst. De-leveraging is occurring, out of necessity, because only Change is a certain factor. Consiousness wants a whole lot more, and wants to expand and grow and elevate – this is creating an awakening of the Collective. The delusions must first be routed out, before the Truth can appear. Once the Truth appears, a new paradigm will emerge, once it reaches ‘critical mass’ and there is a ‘take up’ in the Collective level of Thought.

It is often said “we get the government that we deserve” because we voted them in. So if we become fully conscious, even for a moment, of what ‘governance’ is being made manifest in our experience, would you change it ? Most would say ‘yes’ straight away, because most people feel subjugated or oppressed, even enslaved, and because there is no alignment between their government and with their ‘inner knowingness’. The two are at ‘odds’. Most “average” people have shut down their intuition (inner teacher) and own internal Guidance System, because they think it is ‘too difficult’ to swim upstream, and change what we see ‘out there’. But it is not ‘out there’, it is within consciousness, our consciousness, we voted these people in to ‘power’, which is why we need to become conscious of the change we want to see, individually AND collectively, in order for it to manifest in our experience.

“We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light. But by making the darkness, conscious” (Carl Jung)

Many people do not want to hear what is really going on at the ‘top’ with those in “power”. Many would rather not know, because they would feel too helpless and despondent if they knew the truth of the rigged and corrupt set-up we have in the Western world, which is destroying itself, and forcing all Men to turn to the light within their Soul. Even if we consciously and deliberately raise our vibration and place our awareness consistently on the continuous Stream of wellbeing that surrounds us, the chemicalisation between the polarities is still happening at the same time, causing much unnecessary pain which could so easily be dissolved if we went back into focusing on our Oneness.

We all have very different talents, and I have discovered a talent where I am holding the light for a very dark situation on the earth – namely, the corruption and cover-up with the Banking Cartel at government level, in the UK and in the USA in particular: this is because the entire World Banking Cartel, which originated in the UK and the USA, is running the world on a low denominator which is ‘love of money’ for pursuit of perceived “power”, rather than Love for its’ own sake and based on an “Art of allowing” and natural laws of growth. This love of “power” stultifies all genuine growth, because it strangles natural expression and growth through control and stealth measures.

The Banking Cartel have teamed up with like-minded people in their own ‘family of consciousness’, and built a Marshall Plan involving the dishonest IMF (International Monetary Fund) which is no ‘fund’ at all, but a System based on debt which lends the illusion called “money” through the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to its “member countries” – all of them have inherited “national debts” for this reason. They have built a global infrastructure around this low-level consciousness, to preserve this grand illusion called “money and power”. Now it is all being taken away from them, because it is not built on a rock of Truth, but is rooted in the Occult (Weishaupt, a student of the Occult, set up the Federal Reserve in 1913). They engage in devil-worship and separatist “club” thinking with hierarchial structures ruling them, like Freemasony and ‘Knights of the Realm’. It is built on lower vibrations of self-serving, fear-driven, control-based, separatist (ego-driven) thinking. Not the Truth of who we are, at all. Not reaching for the Higher nature of Humankind, but indulging a self-limiting paradigm that relies upon control and fear for its survival. They have set things up to preserve this idiom, this giant ego and counterfeit “god”. This is what has resulted in widespread corruption in the Western World, which is the single biggest block to understanding Love’s Presence. This corruption relies upon stealth measures, increasingly as the paradigm grows and expands, and worsens – fuelled by an unworkable Monetary System which is inherently fraudulent, and highly flawed. It is a dishonest System, where money is printed as ‘debt’, and only comes in to being once it is issued in this way. Money is issued out of thin air, backed by nothing except faith, and the US “Federal Reserve” is no more ‘Federal’ than ‘Federal Express’ !


What began as just an Elite few, soon grew to a Committee of about 300, which is ruling the “world” today by their System (includes the IMF, The Bilderberger Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the 4 world ‘Superstates’, a corrupted Judicial System which provides only very limited access to only very limited “Justice”, only for the Elite few (bankers and aristocrats or the wealthy, and where bent Judges can be ‘bought’ by the Banking Cartel to continue serving their own ends), an entire ‘army’ of civil servants over-running Western countries like in the UK who squander enormous sums and are generally very inefficient (yet have their index-linked pensions, with a Pension Scheme that is in itself, a ponzi, and declining fast), a string of Insurance companies who are masters at dodging the need to pay out genuine claims and wording their policies so connivingly as to render them ‘unfit for the purpose’, a Political System that focuses on distractions and peripheral issues, rather than zoning in on the root cause of all problems in governance – namely, overthrowing the tyranny of the Banking Cartel, the one and only real ‘change’ we all need, for everyone’s sake; a Financial ‘regulatory’ System that is entirely corrupted where they act as enablers of fraud, rather than enforcers against it, even being run by the leading bank chairmen, themselves ! with countries that thrive on criminality to keep their Public Sector running and employed, with multiple useless quangos that do not serve the “Democracy”; a UK Police force that focus on criminalising the motorist and allowing real criminals and drug trafficers off the hook for the most part (unless they happen to be a carefully chosen ‘scapegoat’ for the Establishment, in hiding the truth of a ponzi Scheme the Government were behind the running of), a series of ‘Complaints Commissions” which are rendered toothless and powerless with no remit that covers fraudulent bankers nor complaints against the Establishment; where all the outcomes involving these latter parties are ‘rigged’ with the Banking Cartel’s self-serving ‘loops’; where there is an Education System that is failing with literacy at its lowest levels ever, and which is collapsing where some of the more alert children no longer want to attend school because their intuition tells them they are being indoctrinated, yet where one parent every fortnight is being jailed in the UK for their child’s “truancy”, ….. all this, and a whole lot more, bows down to their god called “money”. It is the ‘square root’ of all human misery, and suffering. So just when are we going to change it, and take our power back ?


Yet, think about it, what is ‘money’ ? It is a means of exchange, a means of exchanging value, the value that we all add to it, through commerce, free trade, giving our love, abilities, efforts,energy and skills. Yet instead of this happening, the Banking Cartel have stifled all these things, and have instead been adding their OWN “value” to it, namely, leveraging it up by a factor of 10:1, at SOURCE (namely when they issue it through the System they devised using government Bonds), and pocketing the profit from this. This has cultivated a culture of insatiable greed, because money can never satisfy when it is used incorrectly, and when it is out of balance with Love, fair exchange, value, and energy. In turn, the Banking Cartel have sought to fill their own ‘void’, more and more, as the paradigm has just grown and grown, and after reaching ‘critical mass’, it has literally, exploded: the “Meltdown”. This is why the System is so highly leveraged: the ‘true’ Economy is about one tenth of the leveraged Economy in the UK and in the US. This huge imbalance that has been created directly by the Banking Cartel, is now strangling the world economies and rippling out to other countries (through their IMF and World Bank ‘Membership’), squeezing all genuine ‘value’ that is out there, to sustain and keep alive this dishonest, fraudulent paradigm of issuing ‘money as debt’. This is a simplified explanation why we are seeing so many millions of people losing their homes, their jobs, their livelihood, their rights….because the Banking Cartel have been mis-using their power, creating boom and bust cycles, creating all world wars, and even inventing the lie called ‘terrorism’ in order to keep their subjects in fear (ample evidence available in the Public domain), so they are easier to control and will turn to governments for “protection” and help: far from it. God forbid it. There is only one ultimate solution for us all to strive to, and that is SELF GOVERNMENT.`


Stemming from this unworkable paradigm that was started by a few, and has mushroomed into a global nightmare of almost a Totalitarian state, with Marxist “political correctness”, fascist and Zionist ‘rule’ (the latter in the USA) from the puppets who are planted and placed in to ‘power’, and certainly where the infrastructure they are using through governments running a Fascist Regime that relies upon enslaving the Common Man and keeping him ‘limited’ and in fear, it is now dying a death. This very System, blinded by its own delusions, is breeding Corruption and Fraud as an inevitable side-effect of its own myopia and short-sightedness. It is this reason alone that HBOS, for example, have effectively ‘become’ the UK government, and have committed widespread, Systemic fraud upon the People and citizens of UK. Aided by the Financial Services Authority (who could more appropriately be called ‘The Financial Stealth Authority’) , they have stripped the assets of the People whom they profess to serve, and their very survival is geared to depend upon criminality. Why ? Because criminality pays them, through fines, penalties, justification for their ‘jobs’, and their very title as calling them “Financial REGULATORS” is in itself, a lie. They are regulating nothing. They are working for the big Banks. They are serving only the ‘Fat Cat’ bankers, and not the People. The thousands who are or have been, stolen from, have for the most part never been compensated by the FSA, who caused their very losses in the first place, through allowing widespread money-laundering and so on. It is too easy for them to steal from the Public. Possession is nine tenths of the Law ! Once they have your money in their ‘System’, which they control and pull all the strings for, it is theirs! The Banks place people’s money that is ‘banked’ with them in to Hedge Funds, against which the banks lend NEW money….hence the only way that this self-destructive System can continue, is to rebalance itself. How does it do this ? Through you and I; through de-leveraging and drawing back in liquid assets (homes, cash, savings, pension funds, income, education funds etc) into their own coffers, to issue more “money” against, to keep it going – as they get more and more of this “stuff” called “money”. The paradox is: they can’t help doing this to us: it is an involuntary effect of the way it is all set up, because one polarity will always equilibrate itself. The re-balancing of outrageous over-extending and “over-lending” by the Banking Cartel for many decades = human misery and hardship, in equal or greater proportion. So shall we all pack up and go ‘home’, to live in a croft in the Scottish Highlands, or shall we usher in the change and change the very MINDSET that created all this ?

Funnily enough, the exact same picture of Regulatory failure in the UK which is causing so much misery to the lives of so many, is also happening, concurrently, in the USA ! The US Securities Exchange Commission is their “regulator”, another government quango, in a ‘Cooperation Agreement’ with the FSA, and every bit as dishonest and corrupt, with an identical paradigm that relies upon criminality for its very survival, and continuance. Both the FSA and the SEC are predatory parasites on the citizens of the countries they pretend to ‘serve’. This is why they have a joint cooperation agreement, too.


The bottom line ? : Crime pays the FSA and the SEC. If there were no “financial crimes”, they would cease to exist, which is why they BOTH set about creating these crimes, through their own government-run ponzi schemes ! This is the sole reason why Bernie Madoff’s “Hedge Fund” was professed to be a ponzi scheme, because it released some of the pressure building up within their System. It is also why the SEC chose to IGNORE the warnings from the whistle-blower, Markopolos – for at least 10 years before the bubble burst ! As far back as 2005, the SEC were given PROOF that Madoff was running a ponzi scheme. So why didn’t they act ? I hear you cry out. Answer: because it was THEIR SCHEME !

We have a parallel situation over the pond, here in the UK: what started as an American ponzi fraud, which was run with great success by Terry Dowdell (who is now serving 15 years in jail), was crafted and tailored by the FSA to adapt it to the UK Market, using two Midlands Accountants (Shinder Singh Gangar and Alan White) alongside a Scottish accountant (John Dryburgh) to master-mind it, and with HBOS (otherwise may be known as ‘ the Uk government’) hosting and facilitating it.

All the lights came on for me in my consciousness that the ‘Vavasseur/Eryl Management Ltd’ Fraud Case (where we lost all our money) was, in fact, Organised Crime at government level – namely, from both the UK and US governments. This was a startling revelation to me on 12 February 2009, when it finally dawned on me how they had achieved it. The ‘red flags’ were all there for years earlier, and all the warning signs were there of “complex fraud”, but after realising how connivingly it has all been structured, even relying on ‘scapegoats’ to cover their own backs, it is a sobering picture indeed. I even found my evidence to this, on the internet of all places. Namely, that these government “regulatory” bodies had inside knowledge of the Fraud (just like the SEC knew about Madoff’s fraud), years before anything was done about it: they allowed it to thrive before their very eyes, and once they had amassed a vast sum of liquid funds from the innocent people they used for this, back into their ‘Black Hole Banking Bermuda Triangle’, they rigged everything into a huge ‘stitch up’ so that no “justice” could be attained for the victims: even the PI “Professional Indemnity” insurance policies were prevented from paying up ! We have all lived with this for over 7 years, and it has catalysed my own search for “Divine Justice”, which is why I am writing and sharing this all with you here, and now. The only standard worthy of our strivings is “Divine Justice”. The ‘Tao of Wealth’, which I am setting up, takes us to the very heart of Divine Justice, because it is a vibrational state of Being, seeing and understanding, not doing, believing, guessing, hoping and wanting.


The problem is that the challenge is a lot bigger than what is described above: because the whole ‘infrastructure’ the Banking Cartel have set up is reliant on the same characteristics already referred to: namely, fear, control, suppression of Truth, ignorance, dumbing down the Nations etc. They, in turn, have set up a Judicial System which is equally corrupt, where Divine (or true) Justice, is marked by its absence. The UK and US Justice Systems rely upon every-day criminality, fraud, stealth to keep ‘alive’ and to keep in business their direct counterparts – namely, the Fat Cat lawyers. I am talking about London law firms, whose average hourly rate is £400 per hour, some 70 times the average wage in Britain today. How many can afford this ? Answer: only a minority. Only the Banks and the Elite, who are the Fat Cat lawyers biggest Client base. The lawyers are there to defend the banks – ask any major London law firm. These same Fat Cat lawyers have blocked access to this corrupt System of “Justice” for the innocent (where the Banking Cartel are the referees in their own ‘game’, so no matter what is done, they always “win”, irrespective of merits or Truth.) This is why only “terrorists” are entitled to Legal Aid, whereas honest citizens are denied the “help” they cannot even afford to access, they are cut off at the door.

If they happen to find a way THROUGH the ‘door’, there are often ‘plants’ higher up in the Judicial System, where ‘bent’ Judges are serenaded by the banksters, and “bought” to settle in their favour. This is a provable fact, and highlights the urgent need for Judicial Reform and a whole host of Judicial Reviews, perhaps even a whole new system where those who run it are elected on their character traits, personal ability to communicate, and worthier merits than is the yardstick for electing them at present (which is the ‘Old Boys Network’, the Freemasonry hierarchy and other such separatist groups). Hence, both groups of ‘Fat Cats’ (bankers and lawyers) have been literally feeding off one another for several decades now – each one defending the other. This is the sole reason the System is rigged, to prevent Justice – as no larger law firms will work for anyone who is bringing a claim against a major financial institution or bank like HBOS: they have been ‘bought’ by the banks, set up to serve the banks (through using them for their own ends, for example, to conveyance dodgy mortgages issued by ‘debt’ non-existent ‘money’ that they “lend”), and they even have the temerity to say it is because of “a conflict of interests” that they cannot help you. YET we are told it is our right to have “a fair hearing and a fair Trial”. But it is precluded form this System, because most cannot get past the first post, and the corrupt System is entirely rigged. It is exactly the same in America. In this way, the banks can ensure that they get the best representation available, leaving the rest of us to rely upon ‘Pro bono” (which is virtually unattainable, and does not attract the brightest cards in the deck), or to turn to “litigation funding” (which is also sadly ‘got at’, once again, by the Financial regulators because the companies who handle money have to be “regulated’ by the FSA or the SEC in order to be allowed to trade ! so an immediate ‘conflict’ exists, ostensibly) , and so the merry-go-round continues… Yet the real ‘conflict’ is with the banks themselves, but this is conveniently ‘overlooked’ and ignored. Notice how, with this involuntary ‘Meltdown’ and “Credit Crunch” (involuntary because it is effect of ‘Cause’), the law firms are laying off staff in their droves, with scores of lay-offs every day, all round the country in UK, because the money is drying up and the System is breaking down. And probably the same in the USA, because it is under the same Regime. It is all an unworkable Regime that has to go, it has to die. It is self-destructing. But why should the innocent suffer ? It is time to ‘stop the bleeding’ and wake up. Usher in the new !


The bottom line is that the Banking Cartel have set things up so that the governments are there at their ‘beck and call’, namely at their behest, and not the other way round, which is how any true or honest Democracy would work. With Lord Rothschild individually reputed to be “worth” over £125 TRILLION, who can overthrow him unless we opt out of this set up ? It is like a mass hypnotism, because everyone has fallen asleep, and given their power away to this illusion. Yet, think about it: if “money” is debt, then Rothschild et al are the Source of all debt: that is right, the ‘god’ of Debt. He and his cohorts “own” most of the assets in the world, through their Banking Cartel, but only in their delusion, for nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists: herein lies the peace of God. The Banking Cartel are the single biggest “block to Love’s Presence” and it is my intention to ‘make a difference’ here. It is because of the paradigm of the Banking Cartel, in this invidious way, that any idea of “democracy” is left in tatters, dwelling only in the realms of illusion and delusion. We’ve been lied to, on a huge scale. This is the reason the Bankers are able to create ‘boom or bust’ cycles and to pay so many hundreds of billions in “bail outs” – because they are bailing out their illusions, and prolonging them ! the “money” does not exist ! It is debt bailing out debt. So what do they get ? Answer: more debt. Correct. Isn’t it time for change ?

I am doing this with a Vision for a better way, a brighter future, an honest Monetary System, an honestly run Government, that is willing to do whatever it takes to break away from the tyranny of the Banking Cartel, and to set up an intelligent, supportive Financial System as a means of Fair exchange, adding value, without inflating falsehoods; a Government that is united with the hearts of its’ people and not just with those ‘in power’ who are running it, a standard that renounces cronyism and ‘back-scratching’ in favour of open and honest communication, raising the ‘Bar’, living by ‘The Golden Rule’, resonant with Truth and a Vision for a better world, encouraging creativity and entrepreneurs, supporting the natural Laws of competition, making available to interest-free loans because ‘interest’ is no longer necessary where Usury is dispensed with, focusing on service instead of deception and stealth, being open to growth and improvement, actively listening to inspiration in whatever form is may come, that lifts up standards and strives for excellence and full disclosure, that encourages true understanding and Oneness, that strives to integrate the awareness that “there is no separation” between any of us, and ultimately, whatever we do in thinking it is “out there” or that we do “to another”, or whatever secrets we try to hide within our heart, we are really doing it to ourselves and it comes right back on to us again. This is Life’s grand Lesson: Love and Oneness. Owning all traits that we “see” and then seeing with our inner eyes, the innate magnificence that prevails beyond the realm of just the physical senses.

May our ‘prayer’ become a living prayer, where we can, through the thoughts that we think, and the lives that we lead and live, moment by moment, become conscious of Love’s nurturing presence for us, and to seek out, and find, the unique talent in our brother – not matter what the surface ‘evidence’. To have the courage to tap in to our innate wellspring of goodness and fortitude, to be the change that we want to see, to cultivate a conscious, continuous communion with our Creator, on a moment by moment and daily basis, to focus on ‘feeling good’ and reaching for “the better feeling thought” because that is our birthright, to communicate with directness and honesty, backed in equal or greater proportion by unconditional love for the outcome of doing this. It’s time to once again:

Love Life and Live Love.

Liz Watson
Founder – ONE VOICE action group

“Your goal is not to maximise productivity. It is to be more valuable. Life is not seeking for us just to keep people alive, for the sake of it. We are not destined to be enslaved, but to create, grow, learn, share, forgive, awaken. The world wants people who have COME alive. Who have discovered and connected with their own innate magnificence. No limits. Who have unveiled their own worth and worthiness through conscious communion with their own Creator. Where true ‘safety’ lives. Where true health can flourish, because of the alignment with who we really are, and what we are creating. Who have begun the journey of discovering who they truly are. Our potential is immense, and our purpose is enormous. We are afraid of our own power, as co-creators in a vibrational universe. Let us seize that power, and rise up to the challenges that are there to help us learn, change, and grow.” (Liz Watson, ONE VOICE action group)

Zeitgeist: Addendum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – 7:25pm
2 Oct 2008 … Zeitgeist: Addendum, a 2008 documentary film produced by Peter Joseph, is a continuation of the film Zeitgeist, the Movie. … – 49k – Cached – Similar pages –

“Success intelligence challenges you to apply your best thinking, to life. True success should not have to cost you your joy, your health, or your relationships. We can so easily confuse speed with progress, urgency with importance, efficiency with value, effort with effectiveness…
Permanent busy-ness often blocks purpose. Wholeheartedness is the antidote to burnout and hyperactivity.
Write a prayer for life, a prayer for work, a prayer for relationships. Prayer inspires vision, strengthens focus, and supports intention. What do you pray for ? what’s in your heart ?” (Robert Holden – Success Intelligence)

Inspector Michael Beattie
Leicestershire Constabulary

Dear Inspector Beattie,

Re: Vital message from Liz Watson of ONE VOICE action group on behalf of all creditors who have been stolen from

many thanks for your response. For the record, I am copying this to a number of the victims of the Vavasseur/EML fraud, since in this sense, we are all writing to you, and all appealing to you to look to your heart, for urgent help and intervention.

1.) I am sorry to hear that you say you are “not allowed” to provide the details of Jim Riley, despite the importance of our urgent need to speak with him, as he is an important WItness to our Cause for Justice. He did, after all, investigate this Case in the early stages, and voiced to many of us that he felt the FSA “have a huge amount to answer for” and seemed to convey he understood there were clear signs even back then, that this Fraud Case was a government set-up. Please could you explain to Mr. Riley that there are now very clear ‘alarm bells’ ringing that the prosecuting party, the SFO, appear to be possible co-conspirators in the Fraud itself and can be deemed to be directly responsible for the impasse of injustice that the victims of the Vavasseur/EML fraud are now facing ? The SFO are seriously conflicted, in a similar way to James Crosby and even our Prime Minister in his running of the entire country with his ‘light touch’ toothless regulators at the FSA.

2.) We are deeply concerned. This includes, amongst other things, the fact that the SFO have provably, deliberately blocked the victims from accessing the forensic records and written evidence / proof where our money ended up, and who moved it (which we know they know). They have barred us from being provided with the transcripts of the evidence we gave as witnesses, despite promising to do so. The SFO supposedly had a common interest with the Receivers, Baker TIlly, yet they have blocked forensic access to even them, who have been trying to work on our Case for over 5 years with ‘nothing to go by’ ! How unreasonable and insane is this ? Happily for Baker Tilly, they have charged millions for their services, which have been stunted and rendered ineffectual because they have been prevented from making any meaningful progress, by the SFO and the SEC / DOJ / US Receiver working in tandem with them: a ‘chain of command’, higher up. This level of deception and dishonesty is not only criminal, it is exceedingly cruel. We, the creditors, have all had our lives turned upside down because of it, and many have lost their homes or about to lose them.

3.) Additionally, another highly unhealthy symptom of this collusion with Gordon Brown and James Crosby that we wish to place it on record that the very serious fact that the SFO were unlawfully coaching witnesses to “steer away from mentioning HBOS under ANY circumstances” at their Criminal trial against Gangar & White, (and we can get written sworn Affadavits and statements to prove this), who were clearly singled out and ‘scapegoated’, in isolation to the ‘context’ of the Fraud committed – namely that the Boiler House fraud could not have thrived without a major Bank “on side”, laundering our money, loaning money for the ponzi, and running the Hedge Fund that swallowed up the entirety of our money in the end. HBOS were that Bank and we have ample evidence and witnesses to prove it.
Although about 20 other banks were involved with money-laundering ‘services’ to the ponzi, and appalling though this is, most of the other banks had a much lesser role than HBOS and these were merely ‘servicing’ accounts for the offshore fraudulent structure of companies being used as collecting points, before the money was moved in to the HBOS hedge fund and ended up in Fortis bank as well.
Despite this, several of those ‘other banks’ curtailed dealings with Dowdell et al when they realised what they were doing – which HBOS and all the others should have done as well ! So why didn’t they ? These questions need to urgently be asked to Gordon Brown, Lord Stevenson, Andy Hornby, James Crosby, Fred Goodwin for starters.

This Case is a hybrid between Enron and Watergate, and similar to a mini-Madoff fraud. Yet, it is provable that it was James Crosby who steered the whole ‘show’, not Gangar and White, who were merely “window dressing” for it all, and we put it to the Crown that they were set up as scapegoats by the Establishment, so that the real culprits could escape Justice and make off with most of our money. It’s funny how we’re expected to believe that our money “is still missing” and how it has not been accounted for, isn’t it ? And how Crosby has now finally resigned from his seriously ‘conflicted’ role at HBOS and the FSA, and is dodging the need to answer probing questions ? Ditto Gordon Brown.

4.) Further, and alarmingly, it has also come to light that millions from a separate Fraud,namely the Cheney Pension Fraud, had their entire stolen pension fund money put into the Vavasseur ‘Cotswold Trading Co’ as well, by kevin Maya and another fraudster who met the ‘Vavasseur/EML’ team – which the SFO and FSA knew about, that one villain stole from another villain and the money ‘vanished’, yet they did not disclose this to the Crown. How could the Cheney pension fund thieves pay it back if it was stolen by the Vavasseur/EML ponzi scheme operators ? What was done about it by the SFO ? Nada. So just who were those Operators ? Was it, in fact, the SFO, SEC,FSA, DOJ and HBOS themselves ? The majority of us suspect this, and everything points to it. Yet it has been condoned that the SFO have perverted the Course of Justice not only on our own Case, but on the Cheney pension fund case, which they were also prosecuting on. This is why the Case was thrown out at Wood Green Court back in about 2004, and Gangar was laughing to himself about it – do you recall ?

5.) The Crown and the Establishment owe it to the victims of this heinous fraud, to thoroughly investigate the matter, and to bring to book the many fraudsters who were complicit in it, without delay. Can you accept this ? What are they so afraid of, that they ‘dare not look’ at the startling facts and EVIDENCE that will prove that this Fraud was organised from much higher up than just Shin Gangar, Alan White or Terry Dowdell ? These were 3 stooges who formed part of a unique ‘team’ of recidivists who were hung out to dry in isolation, to the horrific cost of the VICTIMS, themselves.
Why else did the whole James Crosby ‘circuit’ mysteriously escape, scot-free including ‘Scott’s’ themselves ? It stands out a mile that they were all protected by the corrupt governments in the UK and the US, who no doubt got their pay-off from it all. We want them to ‘come clean’ and tell the truth – NOW. If you doubt this, look at the fact that 98% of creditors have not yet received a penny, after 7 long years since the SFO dawn raids. Not a shred of evidence of the bank statements showing our money movement, has been provided us. Not only this, we have no idea how much money was seized or frozen in the offshore Vavasseur accounts ! I don’t mean what we were TOLD was “recovered” but to see PROOF of what was “recovered”. The money was, after all, always in the hands of the banks and Banking Cartel, accessible through the HBOS-managed Scott’s-run Hedge fund/s.
The only people who have benefitted so far from this obvious Organised crime, are the Government, the Receivers and Trustees on the Case, the FSA, the SEC and all the cronies in power. Fact. We now insist that the UK and US Governments quit their -game-playing and releases their stranglehold on suppressing the Truth about this Case.

6.) I also spoke to Stephen Myers recently, ex-head of this Case, who admittedly sounded slightly ‘rattled’ when I raised the issues about the Cheney pension fraud, and when I told him I had finally “rumbled the truth” about Scott’s and Dryburgh being the 3rd conduit for the entire set up, yet left unprosecuted, despite being the ‘boiler room’ for this Boiler House fraud. Stephen suddenly said, mid-conversation “now listen to me very very carefully. It may well be that John Dryburgh and Scott’s were committing fraud, but you need to treat it as an entirely separate fraud.” I responded “don’t be silly, Stephen – how can this possibly be, if everyone’s money ended up in the same Vavasseur companies ?” He did not reply. There is the evidence – from the witnesses themselves, and their bank wire proofs showing this. Stephen also said “how disappointed” he was that the SFO had not “done what they should” regarding the wrongful dividing of the Estates, and the fact it appears they had ‘buried’ the whole case after the Trial ended, failing in their Public duty to uphold the law and prosecute the remaining complicit parties, which I complained bitterly about, to him. Stephen said “but there is nothing I can do. I have no power over this. It comes from Richard Alderman, the Director. If he won’t listen, I can’t influence anything.” The fact is, Richard Alderman won’t listen. He has been busily fobbing people off on this Case (including the Press), in the 10 months he has been at the SFO, and in many ways, appears to be an even bigger liability than Robert Wardle was. (The Sunday Times Jessica de Grazia Report of early Feb 09)

7.) Unbelievably, and compounding the creditors suffering, the US Trustee, Roy Terry, has criminally duped all the EML creditors, where EML is demonstrably listed as a client of Vavasseur in the Public Domain (SEC Court documents, deliberately hidden under Court seal by Roy Terry for 5-6 years in order to hide the Truth from us all.) He has seized all the creditors moneys from the offshore companies under his own control (sanctioned and approved by the SEC and DOJ, working in tandem with him to accomplish this gross deception), and cut us all off from information by untruthfully labelling us as “non-Vavasseur” victims, despite what the Court records show.

Roy Terry has not disclosed who the ‘Vavasseur’ creditors on his list, are, despite the fact the Court records also indicate the first wave of Vavasseur NY creditors were paid back by 2000. So who are they ? The rest of us are labelled ‘Dobb White’ creditors, which is thoroughly misleading, and also untrue, because our money went to Vavasseur companies, without exception. This can be proven in any Court in the world.

Even worse, Roy Terry has cut us all off from information about the money he holds (OUR money), and has never been audited, nor declared the Receivables or interest earned on the alleged $40m (which is probably another giant lie, too). Thus, criminal embezzlement cannot be ruled out on Roy Terry’s part, working in tandem with the American Authorities and the FSA (who have a cooperation agreement with the FSA, in the same way that Roy Terry has a “cooperation agreement” with Baker Tilly, even though he has never proferred an ounce of ‘cooperation’ at any time). Shin Gangar said the DOJ “took most of the money”, and everything now points to this. Even Shin Gangar’s close dalliances concerning Ed Malet’s involvement with Sir Charles Sirois of the G-8, tends to support this terrifying view: and Ed Malet told me first hand (when I met him last year) that he was arrested by the police, but when Sir Charles Sirois of Telewest Systems ($12 billion empire), during Sirois’ chairmanship at the G-8, telephoned the UK Home Office, he was instantly released. What on earth was going on ? Yet we are STILL being denied any Investigation ! IN VIEW OF THESE SHOCKING FACTS, HOW CAN ANY OF THE CREDITORS BE EXPECTED TO TRUST THE SFO OR ANY OF THOSE IN ‘AUTHORITY’ , ON EITHER SIDE OF THE POND?

8.) Do you remember when we spoke on the telephone last year, when I was complaining about all the corruption and all the criminal “loops” in place to prevent the victims from accessing Justice ? You kindly complimented and commended me on my persistence and huge efforts, and said you agreed with me that the Case should be re-opened. Above all, the thing I remember most clearly is when you said, in direct response to my remark about “government corruption in this Fraud, where a quarter of a billion dollars is involved, or more yet it is self-evident it is all a corrupt stitch-up” and you remarked “but it’s always been that way”. A sobering admission, indeed. But I want to thank you for your honesty on that. If those in ‘power’ could be as honest and straight as you, we would not be facing these horrendous injustices, and would have had our money back by now, with full compensation and penal damages.
I asked you at the time, and I am asking you again, could you at least send me a letter confirming in writing what you said, namely that you, too, believe that the Case should be re-opened (maybe not by the SFO since they seem compromised and conspirators in what happened), and perhaps handled by another Party like the Metropolitan police ? This would be most helpful. Thank you for considering this request, and I hope you agree it is fair and reasonable in these extraordinary circumstances.

9.) When I pointed out in February 2008 to Seema Popat, lawyer on the Case at the SFO, that the evidence against HBOS and the other co-conspirators was clear, and should involve the SFO in laying further prosecutions as a matter of urgency including against HBOS at Board level, she agreed with me, but said “but it’s not up to me. There’s nothing I can do. It is coming from higher up. I know it’s not right. But my hands are tied.” Those were her exact words. My parents are witnesses to this, because I told them right away. You can check with Seema herself.

(i)Even Stephen Myers himself, ex-head of this case as you know, straight after I provided him clear evidence that both HBOS and Scott’s had conspired to defraud at the bank’s Board level, suddenly Myers was seconded on to another matter, far away in Belfast, and has been there since, to the present. Why ? this is highly suspicious.
(ii) Then Robert Wardle, SFO Director, handed in his resignation. Why ? Highly suspicious.
(iii) Then we were all cut off from information. Then at least 8 SFO prosecutors walked out. Why ? Highly suspicious.
(iv) Then we were denied a Compensation Hearing (why? highly suspicious), then the SFO cut me off from contacting them, they became so fearful of the Truth. (why ? highly suspicious).
(v) Then, early this month, jessica de Grazia who had been commissioned by Baronness Scotland, the SFO regulator at the Attorney General’s Office, had a scathing article against the SFO appear in the Sunday Times, exposing their “cronyism”, “gross incompetence”, “appalling mediocrity”, “lack of leadership and skills” – but all these things are merely the tip of the iceberg.

10.) Today, I’ve had to endure the incredulity of what has been said, on tape, by the Dorset police at a meeting with DI Wyn and Sgt. Boyle of their Fraud Unit. After providing comprehensive and compelling evidence to them last September 2008, and being given a Crime Book reference number, I was seeking to press charges against James Crosby, Fraser Mackay, John Dryburgh and the countless others who were complicit in the Vavasseur/EML fraud. Yet they told me (in front of my own parents and with the Founder of ‘S.A.F.E. (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation Group) present, that “they would NOT even be investigating the Case” – despite clear evidence of widespread, serious fraud.
They have now made themselves ‘the issue’ of a further complaint in their failure and refusal to uphold the Law and carry out their Public Duty and uphold the Law, where clear criminality has nevertheless, been demonstrated. The Dorset police are reputed to be one of the most corrupt police forces in the entire UK, and this is now self-evident. Even I, personally, suffered a ‘wrongful arrest’ and ‘false imprisonment’ by them last March, despite having done nothing wrong, and was the subject of appalling police brutality with photographic evidence of this. I still intend to bring a private prosecution against them regarding this, when time permits. I was ‘singled out’ and discriminated against by them – was this possibly tipped off by the SFO ? It begs the question.

Visit this shocking website for a few ‘home truths’ about this Force, exposed by another whom they have denied Justice to:

The real issue facing the police and ALL those in “Authority” is the TRUTH behind this Vavasseur/EML fraud, and where our money went, and why the SFO along with the US and UK “Authorities” and governments have blocked all evidence and blocked all Justice on the Case. Is it because THEY did it ? Is it because THEY were behind it ? Like with the lie about “weapons of Mass destruction” where Britain & America hypocritically supplied these arms to Iraq, funded by the Banking Cartel to make new profits through over-leveraged “money”, and Iraq being a country which they jointly and unjustly invaded, yet ensured that the one person who held this proof and evidence that would lay their lies bare, was bumped off before it could be leaked? I would even now go so far as to put on record, knowing the tactics these two governments use, that I do recognise that my own life may now be in danger, for braving the impending ‘storm’ and standing up and speaking out the Truth – because I know it is the Truth, and have spent five long years investigating, living, eating and breathing it.

VITAL READING: (copy and paste into internet explorer)
Harry Markopolos Whistleblower Extraordinaire.pdf

*** Isn’t it strange how the exact same thing as is happening over here with our government and the FSA, is simultaneously happening over the pond in the USA ?
google: “Toothless: The Watchdog Press That Became the Government’s Lapdog by Walter Brasch”

This is the real “news” that should be getting reported at Westminster and on TV with the Fat Cat Board directors of HBOS thinking they can get off with a disingenuous “apology”, when there is no alignment with the records or the Truth of what they really did to everyone caught up in this (and at least 5 other) FRAUD.

NB: Millions of creditors money according to Ed Malet, ended up in Barclays NY (who appears may have been actually running the Madoff fraud), and Fortis Bank shows $1.3 billion in the Madoff fund…so I say to the UK and US governments: come on, tell us the truth. I will email everyone separately with this Madoff victims list.

Watch the latest video clips from Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has rumbled that the SEC is corrupt and lying to the People (just like the FSA)
“Congressman Gary Ackerman Beats Down the SEC – Towleroad, More” …
5 Feb 2009 … Congressman Gary Ackerman Beats Down the SEC. Ackerman. During hearings on the Bernie Madoff scandal today, Gary Ackerman unleashed on the …

Further fascinating and highly relevant, links, are below…

In conclusion, I am now being contacted by a number of journalists and Media people, who want the ‘story’ – and what can I tell them ? except the truth, above ? what can we all be left to think when the urgent Investigation that is so much needed, is being blocked ? When the UK and US governments are so damned corrupt that the People have to suffer execrably, suffer 2 million unemployment (rising) and similar ratio in the USA, majority of us now living on the breadline, yet have been used (without any consent) to bail out the Fat Cat bankers and fraudulent banking cartel with the taxpayers money, AND YET those in business are being given no credit or lending from the banks despite these hundreds of billions of pounds of bail out ? It is a one-way street, a dark street, a street with no name, that leads to NOWHERE, and keeps sending you round in ‘loops’, transgressing the Official Secrets Act.

As Congressman Gary Ackerman profoundly said to the SEC Counsel this month: “You led us to believe it was a fraud from Madoff. We think its’ YOU”
The same applies to the UK’s “Financial Stealth Authority” ! Both are part of the Banking Cartel and ‘New World Order’ and 666 “Common Purpose” to create a one-world government.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Watson
Founder – ONE VOICE action group

[PDF] The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud. November 7, 2005 Submission to the SEC. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC Opening Remarks: … – Similar pages –

For the ‘Illuminati’ rot also appearing in the US with Obama, visit:

PDF] The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud. November 7, 2005 Submission to the SEC. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC Opening Remarks: … – Similar pages –

• Whistleblower Markopolos: In Less Than Four Hours I Knew …
4 Feb 2009 … Then in April of 2008 as the financial markets begin to crumble; Markopolos is in contact with the SEC’s new Director of Risk Management, … 213001938 – 48k -Cached – Similar pages –

THE VAVASSEUR/EML CASE PARROTS THIS MADOFF ONE:- (same operators ? i.e. the US and UK governments and toothless “regulators”?)

“The SEC has been sustaining volleys of criticism from lawmakers and investor advocates over its failure to discover Madoff’s alleged $50 billion fraud, which could be the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, despite the credible allegations brought to it over years. Against the backdrop of the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, the SEC is being accused of further eroding investor confidence and lawmakers of both parties are calling for a shake-up of the agency. Madoff, a prominent Wall Street figure, was arrested in December after allegedly confessing to bilking investors in what the authorities say was a giant Ponzi scheme, possibly the largest ever. His repeated warnings to SEC staff that Madoff was running a massive pyramid scheme have cast Markopolos as an unheeded prophet in the scandal. “The SEC was never capable of catching Mr. Madoff. He could have gone to $100 billion” without being discovered, Markopolos testified. “It took me about five minutes to figure out he was a fraud.” Markopolos, a former securities industry executive and fraud investigator, brought his allegations to the SEC about improprieties in Madoff’s business starting in 2000 after determining there was no way Madoff could have been making the consistent returns he claimed using the trading strategy he touted to prospective investors. Markopolos and his team of four investigators fruitlessly pursued the quest through this decade with agency staff from Boston to New York to Washington, raising 29 specific red flags regarding Madoff’s operations. But the SEC never acted. Now thousands of victims who lost money investing in Madoff’s fund, which was separate from his securities brokerage business, have been identified. Among them are ordinary people and Hollywood celebrities _ as well as big hedge funds, international banks and charities in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Life savings have evaporated, foundations have been wiped out and at least one investor apparently was pushed to commit suicide. Madoff, who was at one point chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market and sat on SEC advisory committees, was “one of the most powerful men on Wall Street and in a position to easily end our careers or worse,” Markopolos said.

Markopolos: I gift wrapped and delivered the largest Ponzi scheme …

12 min – 4 Feb 2009 –

rewrite of the laws governing the US financial markets since the Great Depression. Harry Markopolos, an independent financial fraud investigator for…

Markopolos Blasts SEC for ‘Financial Illiteracy’ – – 6:37pm
4 Feb 2009 … His group didn’t contact the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority because of the Madoff family’s connections to Finra. Mr. Markopolos … – 113k – Cached – Similar pages –

From: Beattie Michael
Date: 12 February 2009 11:43:14 GMT
To: ‘Elizabeth Watson’
Subject: NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED:- RE: I’d be grateful if you could let me know JIm Riley’s phone number

Hello Mrs Watson,

Unfortunately I am not allowed to give out the personal details of former staff.

I have spoken to Mr Riley who has indicated that he would prefer not to make contact at this stage as matters relating to this enquiry should be with via the SFO.

However if there is anything further I can pass on please let me know.

D/Insp Beattie

—–Original Message—–
From: Elizabeth Watson []
Sent: 07 February 2009 01:35
To: Beattie Michael
Subject: I’d be grateful if you could let me know JIm Riley’s phone number

Dear Inspector Beattie,

I was wondering if you could let me have the mobile number for
Inspector Jim Riley. I’m aware he retired some time ago, but need to
urgently contact him. alternatively, would you be able to give him my
phone number and ask him to contact me ? My number is: 01202 517317
It’s regarding the Gangar/White case..

many thanks indeed, in anticipation of your assistance

Regards, Liz Watson
One Voice action group

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Thank you for your co-operation.

� Leicestershire Constabulary
Telephone: (44) 1202 517317
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Dear fellow Creditor

Re: ONE VOICE newsletter No.32 of 12 February 2009 – The levels of corruption within our UK Government

I knew before Christmas that James Crosby needing ‘targeting’ so I wrote to George Osborn to urgently investigate him for his string of criminal offences. I am now making a prediction that Britain’s prime Minister will soon be ‘ousted’ out of office. Hopefully, he will be impeached, overthrown by the citizens of UK, who have had enough of his lies and cover-ups, acting as a puppet of Lord Rothschild and the Banking Cartel (eeek! I’ve said it now. It’s out). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Brown and his cronies are puppets of the Banking Elite, who own the EU Superstate and over $150 trillion of the world’s Money supply. It’s being exposed over in America, and now starting over here. The News Media in UK have found “that the trail of the collapse of the economy and the resignation of James Crosby all traces back to Gordon Brown”. He is being grilled by MP’s and The Cabinet over the TRUTH about his unhealthy and incestuous relationship with the likes of James Crosby ( a ‘front’ for Lord Rothschild), and the “light touch toothless Financial Services Authority” in the UK….and their invidious involvement with TONY MARINO, who they knew Gangar and White were dealing with and sending “investments” to in the late 1990’s – read the full story on the links further down in this newsletter.

The process of Truth doing her work, has finally, at last, begun. It’s been a long, dark night for us all, and we’ve waited over 7 years for this. Now watch what happens. It’s a huge ‘wake up call’ for the citizens of the world, and UK and USA in particular. Take your power back. Renounce the lies of these corrupt governments, and listen to your intuition (inner teacher) and your heart centre. Look past their falsehoods of “terrorism” and “inciting violence” distraction techniques, and recognise that this is their own projection of their fear-driven consciousness and wisdom-starved paradigm.

Brown to be grilled by MPs over banking crisis – 18 hours ago
Gordon Brown will face serious questions over his handling of the recession and the banking crisis today, as he is grilled by senior MPs after a day of …
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LATEST SCANDAL: Dorset Police are blocking an investigation into this Vavasseur/EML Fraud along with all the others…

I thought you’d be interested to know that I’ve spent two hours this afternoon with the Head of Dorset Police’s Fraud Unit, D.I. Sue Wyn, and her associated officer Sgt. Boyle, to seek to press charges against both HBOS and HBOS’ board directors, and the other co-conspirators in the Fraud we’re all caught in the trap of. But it has proved a complete waste of time, bewildering though this is: They are point-blank “refusing to investigate it”. No reasons given. No explanations given. I have most of it on tape. We cannot even get past the first post. This is despite providing the Dorset police with clear evidence of Mortgage fraud on my sister’s files last September 2008, along with ample evidence of the Bank of Scotland’s (HBOS) involvement and collusion with the three accountants and numerous others, in the running of it. They have dismissed this as “an operational decision”, ostensibly with the ‘Guidelines set by the Home Office’ . Yet, they have even logged my Complaint with a Crime reference number 08/X/38970.

This means that the two police officers have failed in their Public DUTY to record and investigate allegations of serious crime when required to do so. They are charged by the Law to uphold the Law to which they took an oath to do. This in itself now requires a separate formal complaint to be lodged. Yet we are told that “every PC in the country is required and has a Public duty to record any reasonable allegation of crime when required to do so”. It amounts to a serious neglect of duty for failing to act on an allegation of crime when required to do so. Sound like a familiar scenario to that which we’ve undergone already with the FSA, the SFO, the Commissioner’s Office, the Parliamentary Ombudsmen amongst others ?

According to them, they claim to have done “preliminary enquiries” which amount to nothing more than: a) allegedly speaking to “Quality Assurance” at the SFO (what quality ? the Sunday Times article with Jessica de Grazia’s investigation already assured us there is no acceptable standard at the SFO over 10 days ago), but they had no name for who they supposedly dealt with there; b) allegedly speaking with the Leicestershire police (yet Inspector Beattie personally told me last year that he “agreed” the Case should be ‘re-opened” but admitted the SFO were blocking it and there was “a chain of command since it had been handed over to the SFO back in late 2000”), and when I raised a comment about ‘the corrupt System’ Inspector Beattie was honest enough to reply “It’s always been that way”… this sums it up.

NB: Above all, they are overlooking that the only investigation that has been carried out by both the SFO and the Leicester police was an investigation into Gangar and White and their cohorts, and NOT the Bank of Scotland. The SFO have never interviewed any victims or witnesses about the money they lost through the BofS collusion with the fraudulent THREE accountants (not just Gangar and White, but Dryburgh too, yet the latter has escaped Justice so far) – how so ? Nor have the SFO ever looked in to the Hedge Fund that Scott’s were using Fraser Mackay from BofS to run (the escape route for all the moneys), nor the serious criminality arising from the Bank of Scotland’s extensive money-laundering, KYC breaches, Banking Principle violations, fund-raising for the Scheme, nor where they sent our money to after moving it to the ‘Vavasseur-controlled’ companies, nor why they were giving dishonest assistance to the fraudsters, breaching people’s trust, against the FSMA Markets Act 1989 and 2000, nor why Scott’s and John Dryburgh were ‘separated off’ from the equation, nor why James Crosby suddenly and suspiciously joined the FSA ‘Watchdog’ and became their Deputy Chairman just when all his involvement started to surface, and all the loans his “bank” had granted, began to lose their homes because the Scheme failed that HBOS had given their full backing to. Quite simply, this all wreaks.

The police went through the motions of “answering” the questions they hand-picked to address, ignoring the core essence of the quest to them to investigate the criminality reported to them. When I asked them how an allegation could be “proven” without any ‘due process’ or opportunity being provided for this to happen, then would not answer me !

The whole undemocratic System in Britain is corrupt to the core

The good news is, that the walls of Gordon Brown’s “Old Boys Network” are now being heavily probed and are starting to crumble and collapse, and big holes are appearing as to his true involvement and mis-use of influence along with his cronies, as Truth has started exposing this corruption. His paradigm reverberates throughout his “government”. We will continue exerting pressure, and tightening up the thumbscrews on the Establishment to fulfil its’ duty to the victims in this crime, and moreover to radically clean up the very Systems in place to supposedly “protect” the Public and to stamp out criminality, fraud, and corruption, which are all failing en masse, at one time: the problem being, when so many of those in the government themselves are ‘criminals’, how can they fulfil their remits ?

It is the ‘insane running the asylum’. This is exactly why we currently have a ‘self-policing’ Police force, a Financial Regulator that is accountable to NO ONE, a series of disingenuous and ineffectual “Complaints procedures” which lead one to the ‘Revolving Door Syndrome’ like a hamster on a wheel, all because they are the referee in their own game; this is also why the average person can not access (nor afford) their “Justice System” (which for the most part, is rigged), where it is priced out of his reach, and where many Judges are ‘bent’, and where many of the police force themselves are totally ‘bent’ (apart from a select few who are honest citizens, getting fewer and fewer please note),and where almost all those with any sphere of influence who are appointed to “uphold the Law” are tarred with the same brush because they are “obeying orders” from higher up, namely the Prime Minister himself – who, in turn, takes most of HIS orders from the Banking Cartel and America. This will be exposed fully, and the average person will be graphically shown how he has been conned and deceived and stripped of his rights and power by these Nazi-like fascists for decades, and this revolutionary process has begun. Self-empowerment is what we need, and not the covertly tyrannical dictatorship that we currently have, instead, stemming from Obama and Gordon Brown’s “government”.

So who does he (gordon Brown) bow down to ? Answer: The Illuminati, the Banking Cartel, the ‘Global Elite’ Knights of Templar brigade. He has been ‘bought’. What is their biggest weakness ? Answer: cronyism, Elitist behaviour “us and them” mentality, power-crazed, control-driven, lack of accountability, relying on stealth methods, rank closing, corruption and blocking of Justice and fair play, and control of information, all required for their survival and continuance – i.e. ‘foul’ play, through and through. Brown is their ‘puppet in power’, and Brown, in turn, has been ‘giving orders’ down his network and entire army of civil servants there are at his command and not ours (and let’s face it, because of the EU Agenda, Britain is over-run with civil servants with their index-linked pensions, all sold-out to this rigged System). They have been steadily killing off all creativity and entrepreneurism, and dismantling all Britain’s Industries which were once leaders in the World Markets. They promote an inversion of Truth, publicise “Gay rights” and “Gay Pride”, reward the criminals and punish/ deprive the innocent, jail parents because their children play Truant (currently one parent a fortnight is jailed in Britain for this ! and the Education System is of such a low standard, the lowest it has ever been in history,so are we surprised?), and they focus their efforts to criminalise the motorist and ignore the real criminals – because they are all relying on the ‘real criminals’ to keep their stuffed “Economy” running: with this same Fascist regime that created the crazy and avoidable Depression we now have, gifted to us by the *ankers. They are either ‘bought’ or ‘bribed’ or something else, but either way, it is the little person who pays for it all. Also, to expose that the corruption that is infiltrating Great Britain and blocking access to Justice and restitution, stems from the Prime Minister himself, Gordon Brown. Just watch it unfold now. The force of Truth is against them. The time has come.

The bad news is that we still have a lot of work on our hands to lay bare these goings on, and will need to be patient a while longer as the true and real issues, are crystallised,spotlighted, exposed, and then dealt with – by the power of the pyramid ‘majority’ (us) at the base of it – not at the top of it (‘them’).

See BBC links below:
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11 Feb 09 | Politics
Financial Times Sounding off – 47 mins ago
Leigh Journal Brown: Crosby recommended for job Updated 12.29pm Thursday 12th February 2009 Prime Minister Gordon Brown has insisted that “the right decisions were taken” in the appointment of Sir James Crosby to be deputy chairman of banking watchdog the Financial Services Authority. – 54 mins ago
Guardian Unlimited Brown pledges to curb bank bonuses – PA – 1 hr ago
Telegraph Brown’s fantasy is being pulled apart by the facts – 2 hrs ago
Salisbury Journal Brown: Crosby recommended for job – 2 hrs ago

More from Today programme

So just who was Tony Marino, and why is he significant to us?

OUR CASE, WHEN GANGAR AND WHITE WORKED WITH DOWDELL IN THE LATE 1990’S, DATES BACK TO TONY MARINO – see the SEC Press Release below and note the reference to the Lloyds of London PI insurance as a ‘failsafe’…..the SEC and the FSA re-invented the “face” of their Fraud to hang it on Gangar and White
Now read the full story here (it is terrifying):

Unjust Cruelty Hidden As Dual Criminality – The Anthony Marino … – 8:23pm
My father is Anthony Joseph Marino. He is an American citizen who is … The trial judges sentenced him to 18 years for a civil crime accusing him of fraud. … – 17k -Cached – Similar pages –
Mr Anthony Marino

Mr Marino is himself the subject of proceedings brought against him by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April 1999. The SEC’s complaint related to the alleged fraudulent sale by Mr Marino and other defendants of US$15million in investment contract securities to at least 80 American and overseas investors. The SEC alleged that Mr Marino and the other defendants raised over US$15 million through the sale of interests in so called ‘investment enhancement programmes’ in which investors’ funds were to be pooled and invested in ‘prime bank instruments’ through a ‘prime bank’ or a major world bank in Europe.


click below and it will bring up the FSA Press Release from 1999 – PROOF that the FSA had “inside knowledge” of their OWN Fraud: Tony Marino was their FIRST scapegoat, it appears, and Gangar and White were their 2nd scapegoats !

Search Results
This press release is temporarily unavailable – 8:35pm
These 9 depositors claimed to have paid funds to Dobb White through an intermediary,Anthony Marino. The deposits accepted by Dobb White appeared to involve … – 14k -Cached – Similar pages –

HERE IS FURTHER PROOF THAT DOBB WHITE AND TONY MARINO WERE LINKED in the late 90’s and that this was known to the SEC and the FSA…
Financial Crime News Report: Prime Banks – 8:30pm
Of the money frozen at Dobb White, some was found to have originated wtih Anthony J.Marino of Utah, who was accused by the SEC in a civil action of … – 36k – Cached – Similar pages –
[PDF] California Department of Corporations-Amended Desist and Refrain Order
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
6 Aug 2008 … invested them with a company known as Dobb White & Co., a U.K. accounting firm, …. prior investment program with a Mr. Anthony Marino, … – Similar pages –

LITIGATION RELEASE NO. 16118 \ April 22, 1999

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Anthony J. Marino,

Gregory C. Johnson, Richard Ames Higgins, Mousa
Civil Action No. 99-CV-0259G (USDC Utah)

International, AJM Global, and Consortio Intrana
c The Commission has obtained an order freezing the
no and
Gregory C. Johnson, Richard Ames Higgins, Mousa

assets and temporarily restraining Anthony J. Mar
i International, AJM Global and Consortio Intranacional from

bank” trading programs. It was alleged that the defendant
making fraudulent sales of unregistered interests in “prim
have sold over $15 million in such interests by representing
20% per month; the trading program had been approved by the

to investors that: they could expect guaranteed returns of

Federal Reserve Board; and investments in the program were
insured against loss through a policy issued by Lloyds of
the District of Utah and included a clause requiring
London. The Order was entered April 20, 1999 by the
Honorable J. Thomas Greene, United States District Judge for

defendants to repatriate any assets which had be transferred
out of the United States.

The complaint named as defendants Anthony J. Marino and
and Consortio
Intranacional, entities controlled by one o
Gregory C. Johnson, both of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Richard
Ames Higgins, a Sandy, Utah attorney. The complaint also
names Mousa International, AJM Globa
lr more of the
individual defendants. The complaint alleged that since at
least January of 1998, the defendants had engaged in
fraudulent sales of interests in a “prime bank” scheme in
ions, the defendants asserted the investors’
which they guaranteed a high return to be generated by
repeated purchases and sales of financial instruments issued
by the world’s “prime banks.” Among other
t was insured through Lloyds of London. The
defendants also represented that the Federal Reserve Bank
had approved the investment scheme. Further, the Commission
alleges that Anthony J. Marino did not disclose to investors
t through their false and
misleading statements, the defend
that he has been convicted of securities fraud by the State
of Nevada and ordered to cease and desist from fraudulently
soliciting investments in securities by the State of New
Mexico. The Commission alleged th
aants violated the antifraud
provisions, Section 17(a) of the Securities Act of 1933 and
Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and
Rule 10b-5 thereunder. The Commission also alleged that the
securities sold by the Defendants were investment contracts
ty, Utah for their
assistance in this matter.
which should have been registered pursuant to Sections 5(a)
and (c) of the Securities Act of 1933.

The Commission wishes to thank the United States Secret
Service, the State of Utah Securities Division and the
County Attorney’s Office for Utah Cou
So now you know… its official: the SEC and the FSA knew that Gangar and White were doing ‘unlicensed deposit taking all along’, and Tony Marino was their first victim connected to the Dowdell fraud, and Gangar and White were their second. They always have a scapegoat, to ‘protect’ and hide themselves and their accountability and involvement in it all. think how many times this is repeated throughout the Financial Markets ! Look at how well Madoff is being treated, and how cynical he appears on camera ! They are all there to serve their relentless “Masters” of the Realm of this enslaving force, the Global Elite or Illuminati. It’s now time to expose them and overthrow them and their unworkable System that is bankrupting the World and robbing People of their birthright to Joy and harmony.


“The latest summary email from Liz Watson, founder of the One Voice Action Group is pasted below. One of the aims of ONE VOICE is to hound HBOS and other complicit parties in the $240 million Vavasseur “boiler room” Ponzi fraud including Dutch bank Fortis into returning money stolen from UK-based investors. In certain cases the banks were directly complicit in the fraud – either by encouraging customers to invest in it or through the facilitation of money laundering of through the retention of stolen cash. Another goal of ONE VOICE is to ensure that the banks and people responsible, who she strongly believes include Sir James Crosby, are bought to justice.

In 2007-08, this UK version of Bernie Madoff briefly hit the headlines after it was the subject of a seven-month trial in which two accountants named Gangar and White of the accountancy firm Dobb White were “scapegoated” (in Liz’s view) to ensure that bigger players including HBOS, Fortis, etc were off the hook.

She was a witness in that case and will tell you how she was instructed by the Prosecution that she was unable to utter the name HBOS in the court! There is strong evidence to suggest that the FSA and the SFO are both complicit in the cover-up and ‘scapegoating’ of the accountants – who are very unlikely to have been able to have masterminded the complex fraud on their own.

Gangar and White each got seven years each for conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to corrupt. I’m not sure if they’re going to be to speak to us since they are both currently in jail. If it’s true that they were made the scapegoats so that players like Crosby could be let off the hook, this would be typical of the FSA and other UK regulatory authorities which are considered by many to have been “captured” by big business including banks in recent years. There certainly seems to be a pattern of scapegoating the little guys and letting the real crooks off the hook, a pattern which has repeated itself countless times throughout the credit bubble.

You can read a blog I wrote about this sort of thing here Have the regulators become aiders and abetters of financial crime.

You can find an Accountancy Age story on the trial of Gangar and White here , and a Times one here . And here is one from AA on their sentencing. A much better article from the US publication can be found here .

Hope this at least gives a flavour of what appears to have gone on.

Liz lives near Bournemouth and her contact details are below

Telephone: 01202 517317
Fax: 01202 532722

Please do this in the coming week, then send me a copy of what you write. Several of you have made a start on doing this already, which is excellent. We ALL need to do this, right away. It’s for our own sake, and for the Cause of Justice and restitution, we need to bring People Power to this whole murky set up as explained above. Please trust me on this. I know it with every cell of my Being. (Don’t forget I’ve been working 20 hour days and eating, living and breathing this Case since 2004, and I just know this is what we all have to do next). Please do it right away. I wait to hear from you on this. Let me know if you need any help with facts and figures, or if you want to run your letters past me or someone first.

When enough of us have done this, we can have our Case heard at Portcullis House at Westminster, where steps can be taken to call in the SFO and the FSA and others, for questioning before the House of Commons. I promise to arrange this for everyone.

With best wishes,

Liz Watson
Founder – ONE VOICE action group

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.”

– Marianne Williamson