#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?

well said, Sabine – very well researched and investigated, unlike HMCTS and “judge” Pauffley who is no judge at all! With no due court process, no Public trial, no attendance of those she is now trying to scapegoat, nor attendance of the children, and with no independence or independent witnesses, and with notorious police cover ups, and with legion vested interest from corrupt social workers who are gaining financially from their cognitive dissonance in all of this…. the Truth is staring us in the face that this is a criminal cover up and perversion of Justice by the Crown Corporation!

#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?.

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