#WhistleblowerKids: Children’s Grandparents give their side of the story

Thank heavens the corruption and abuse of power by the British Govt and HMCTS is being challenged in a moderate but powerful way – the innocence of the children, the mother, the grandparents and beyond with this Russian family unit, is plain to see: why are they, and so many like them, being needlessly persecuted? What will it take to unlock the institutionalised depravity that apparently runs the UK collapsing ‘care’ system – which metes out the very opposite of ‘care’ and is nothing more than a contemptible cash cow using illicit and inhuman means?
Please circulate this, please unite and let your voice be heart, so that the armies of oppressors who have been walking roughshod over the rights, customs and civil liberties of good men, women and children, be made to stand down, and be bought to book in the urgently needed Social Reform that must rescue everyone who is being bullied and victimised by these criminal fraternities.

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